Parish Council Minutes 2009

The date will be underlined once the minutes are available. Tuesday 27th January Tuesday 24th February    Tuesday 24th March    Tuesday 28th April  Annual Parish Meeting May 12th 2009  Tuesday 26th May  Tuesday 23rd June  Tuesday 28th July  Tuesday 22nd September  Tuesday 27th October  Tuesday 8th December   

Parish Council Minutes 2008

29th January 2008 minutes 26th February 2008 minutes 25th March 2008 minutes  29th April 2008 Minutes 29th April 2008 – Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 27th May 2008 Minutes 24th June 2008 Minutes 22nd July 2008 Minutes 23rd Sept 2008 Minutes 28th Oct 2008 Minutes 9th Dec 2008 Minutes

Parish Council Minutes 2007

23rd January 2007 Minutes 27th February 2007 Minutes 27th March 2007 Minutes 24th April 2007 Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 24th April 2007 10th May 2007 Minutes 26th June 2007 Minutes 24th July 2007 Minutes Note no meeting in August 25th September 2007 23rd October 2007 11th December 2007

Kent Highways online Fault reporting

Kent Highways deal with the following – Carraigeway, Road ways, Drainage and flooding, Lighting and traffic signals, potholes, road signs, traffic and parking, winter maintenanace, overgrowing vegitation, obstructions on the Highway and cycleways. Visit Site

Planning Aid

Planning Aid provides free, independent and professional town planning advice and support to communities and individuals who cannot afford to pay planning consultant fees. It complements the work of local planning authorities, but is wholly independent of them. Visit Site